3 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Advisor

Booking a hotel used to be a simple task for individuals, but in today’s world of dynamic pricing and endless booking sites, it can feel excruciating.

Imagine trying to book a hotel for a work trip to Los Angeles.

You search for hotels within your desired radius and price range, and hundreds of options appear.

This should be an easy task, right?

But as you click through each option, you find that half of the deals advertised on the booking site aren’t actually available.

Do the photos do justice to the hotel?

Is this a good location?

Is it a reputable and trustworthy hotel?

This frustrating experience is all too common when booking a hotel these days. It seems like every booking site offers a different set of deals, and trying to determine which ones are actually available can feel like an impossible task. I’m sure you’ve experienced the overwhelming headache and hair-pulling just to look for a hotel.

I get it. The knee-jerk reaction to the phrase “travel” agent is usually that they’re a thing of the past.

But in reality, travel advisors are more popular than ever, and we’re used for more than just honeymoons and bucket list adventures.

I can help source the perfect accommodation for your budget, provide a detailed itinerary for your destination, and provide support and a tailored experience to include what you care about the most.

I specialize in many types of luxury and boutique travel booking such as accommodations ( hotels, resorts, private homes, villas, and cruises), tickets ( Park tickets to Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, shows, and attractions), as well as experiences (custom itinerary creation, appointments, reservations, plus food and drink recommendations). And…..you just show up.

Here are 3 reasons why you can (and should) use a travel advisor for your next trip!

Ready to travel? Click here & I’ll help you plan your dream trip. 


Ready to travel? Click here & I’ll help you plan your dream trip. 


Ready to travel? Click here & I’ll help you plan your dream trip.  〰️

Travel advisors save you time, money & energy

It’s a popular myth that travel advisors are expensive. But actually, many travel advisors don’t charge a fee at all (like myself). That’s because we make our money on commissions (not dissimilar from the way companies like Booking.com or Kayak do). You pay the same price as if you booked direct, plus you can get insider recommendations, upgrades, promotions, and perks at hotels and cruises (like Disney Cruises, Virgin Voyages, Royal Caribbean, and more!) around the world.

Plus, as an advisor, I can offer you exclusive perks & upgrades, from spa credits to free breakfast, literally putting dollars in your pocket that you would have spent elsewhere.

Every trip is different — be it for travel interest type, travel style, or special moments.

Advisors get you the inside scoop

As a Fora Advisor, I’m great at knowing all of the nuances of a place — including things you care about. Rather than just experiencing a place at face value, you’ll be able to enjoy the fact that your hotel is woman-owned, or the restaurant you ate at was just featured on TV, or the tuna and salmon in your sushi were caught fresh that morning.

Plus, my tight connections mean I have the scoop on how to get the most out of your experience. For clients choosing to stay at recommended hotels and where applicable— Say hello to room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, resort and spa credits, early check-in or late check-out, and, last but definitely not least, you’ll get all of this for the best available rates you’d find on the Internet.  I can even help give suggestions on what to do, where to eat, and other incredible tips you may need for where you’re going.

I’m your direct line to a hotel’s management team

It’s worth underscoring that a Travel Advisor is a person with real connections who can help you have the experience you deserve (rather than a booking site with none of those things).

As a Fora Advisor, I’m an extension of the hotel’s team, with a direct line to hotel management. So, when you need something for your trip, I can get you instant support, rather than dwindling your time away listening to the hold music of a call center when you should be enjoying your time hands-free. I can save you the 20+ hours of research and hair-pulling I’m sure you’ve experienced. So…No need to worry, you deserve a nice vacation for once. So, let me help you plan your next trip!



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